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Friday, September 23rd, 2011

As you all know, we have had a lot of weather excitement here in Vermont in the last month. Here in Greensboro we were very lucky. Rain fell in buckets, but our roads were only mildly damaged and most of our houses were safe. But the heavy rains have pretty much put an end to the growing season, and the threat of the hurricane prompted everyone to take their boats out of the water and bring in the lawn and porch furniture, pretty much bringing summer to an abrupt close.

Our summer is so short that we always hate to see it end, and this year more than ever. The leaves are starting to turn and foliage season will be here and gone before we know it. As I was driving the other day, I thought about foliage. It must be Mother Nature’s way of softening the blow of summer ending–one last beautiful spectacle before the trees are bare and the ground gets covered with snows.

The long winters certainly makes one appreciate the warmth and beauty of summer. It also encourages one to appreciate the subtle color changes and muted beauty of the winter landscape.

About a month ago, as I headed home from a long day in Montpelier, I watched a magnificent sunset unfold. I pulled into the public beach to admire the magnificent colors and found myself desperately wishing for a camera. Suddenly I remembered my cell phone. Even though I had no idea how to use my iphone as a camera and couldn’t even figure out where the veiw finder was, I managed to take this photo!! Mother Nature was showing off that evening!!