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Colors in the Kingdom

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Apparently I forgot to post this last fall. I will do so now, if only to remind those of us suffering through the sub-zero temps here in the NEK that the cold won’t last forever. 
We Vermonters wait all year for Foliage season. Our winters are long. Our summers are excruciatingly short. We mourn the end of summer and its almost as though the beautiful fall colors are intended to soften the blow of summer ending. One last blaze of glory before our landscape is blanketed in white.

But this year, foliage season was disappointing. We had a stretch of foggy, rainy days that made it almost impossible to see the colors. The mountains were shrouded in clouds and the mist made it impossible to see beyond the first tree line.

When I went out with my camera, I focused on colors that were close. The reds are the first colors to show and are my favorites.

The color was gorgeous! I think the early reds are so dramatic because they are set against the greens. The red just glows!

 Here are a couple of beauties!


And then there’s that iridescent orange!

And now we move onto Stick Season!!

Happy Fall