Busy, busy, busy

For the last several months I’ve directed most of my energy towards a Caspian Arts event coming up on July 31. We are holding our first annual studio tour and art raffle. The idea is participants will visit one–or all–of the nineteen open studios and earn a raffle ticket for each visit. The tickets are then entered into the art raffle at the end-of-the-day wine and cheese party. The raffle features a piece of work from each of the artists participating in the tour. This is a great chance for folks to win a piece of art that they might not otherwise be able to own.

It is our hope that this tour will give our members some exposure and introduce the large summer community to the talent that is lurking in the nooks and crannies of our small towns! I was astounded when Caspian Arts was formed to discover how many artists live around here.

I’m hoping for beautiful weather–bright sun, but too chilly to be a “beach” day–the kind of weather that will entice people to take a ride and seek out a new experience. I visited one of the studios on the tour today. It was in an area that I had never visited before. The dirt road was beautiful–towering trees on either side of the road, lots of old houses and pretty gardens to gawk at! Hills to climb, creeks to cross, cows to greet. What could be more fun! Let’s hope there are many adventurous folks who will get in the spirit and join us for a fun day!

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  1. Carol T Says:

    Judy, we love it when you add to your blog! Can’t wait to see the pictures from Quilt Inn 2012.

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