I wasn’t kidding!

When I said check back in a year, I wasn’t kidding. It’s actually only been six months, but here I am again. I’ve finished the round piece, which is now square (almost). I think it’s actually an inch wider than it is long. I’m very pleased with the piece.
The fabric that I chose to surround the circular part of the design is a decorator fabric that has been in my stash for a long time. It has a wonderful sheen and enough pattern to make a really great border. It was a bit sleezy and raveled a lot, but otherwise is perfect for the job.

The method I used to create the central portion of this quilt produces such wonderful results. I love the wispy color and the delicate nature of the design. I used slightly darker thread for the quilting which adds definition to the pieces but doesn’t alter the subtle affect of the color.

Moon Dreams, ©2009 Judy B. Dales

Moon Dreams, ©2009 Judy B. Dales

Whenever I finish a piece using this technique I always wonder why I don’t make more pieces in this style. I finally decided that the process is so intense and unpredictable that it scares me. I also realized that I avoid this technique because it is so difficult to find the transparent fabrics for the overlays. However, now that I have tried dying my own silk, chiffon and gauze, I will have an unlimited supply!


I used a photo of this quilt on the cover of my new book. This is a small portfolio book that I have self-published using www.blurb.com. You can see the book there, and buy it if you wish!

New book!!

New book!!


The book was created to accompany the show I’m having in a few weeks . It contains photos and descriptions of 19 pieces, some older and a lot of new pieces. Click here if you would like to check it out: www.blurb.com


It was a new experience, working with blurb.com. I had a few frustrating moments at the beginning, but once I calmed down and took a deep breath, things improved. The program’s response time is not as fast as what I am used to. I suspect that is because it autosaves everything as you go along. It’s nice to know everything is saved, but I had to curb my impatience and give it time to do its thing. Once I got accustomed to the pace, I found the program easy to work with. I have yet to see the actual book, but it looks great on line.

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